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Carver Multi cat.2

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Snow gear - Ski & Snow Goggles - BLIZ Carver Multi cat.2

Art. nr. 32106-13 / 32440-19

Size: M/L

Color: Black

Lens: Brown w blue multi / Orange w gold multi

Filter category: 2

Carver ski goggles are a reliable model with good performance. Ventilated frame and double lens of high optical quality will save you from fog and condensation. Outer lens in unbreakable X-PC with 100% UV protection and inner lens in acetate. Carver is an OTG model, so you can easily have your regular glasses under your goggles. 3-layer foam with fleece gives you high comfort. Adjustable side straps mean perfect fit on the helmet, and the wide silicone-treated neck strap is easily adjusted so that Carver sits as glued even under tough runs. A great model for alpine skiing and freeriding.

Carver is a model that many people appreciate. A flexible model that is a reliable option for alpine skiing and freeriding. Here, a comfortable fit is combined with good performance and adjustability. Carver has a double lens of high optical quality, no problems with fog or condensation. A very affordable model with flexible side straps and ventilated frame. Enjoy the winter adventure with Carver.

Carver has a double lens of high optical quality where the outer lens is made of unbreakable X-PC polycarbonate. The inner lens is in Italian acetate and helps you get rid of condensation and fog on the lens. Of course, with 100% UV protection. Carver has lenses in filter category 1, 2 and 3.

Closest to the face of Carver, you have three layers of foam with a fleece inside for maximum comfort.

Keep Carver effectively in place on the helmet with the 50 mm wide adjustable and silicone treated strap. Adjustable side straps give you a perfect fit on the helmet, and you can easily wear Carver over your regular glasses because it's an OTG model. Easily adapt your favorite goggles to the weather with extra lenses in different versions (available as an option).


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Orders & support: +40727.090.990
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