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Smash - for kids

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Snow gear - Ski & Snow Helmet - BLIZ Smash



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    Safe and fun


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    Smash is an affordable helmet for all the kids with lots of energy in the ski slopes. A comfortable model with a great looking design that fits most heads. Safe construction, adjustable ventilation and adjustment possibilities with the chin strap and a dial in the neck. The ski goggles are held in place with a strap at the back of the helmet. A good helmet for alpine skiing and free riding.

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General properties
For the kids who can’t wait to get started, we developed Smash. It is a helmet that not only has a design that kids enjoy, Smash is also comfortable to wear and offers good protection in case of an accident. The ventilation is adjustable and there is a strap on the back of the helmet that keeps the ski goggles in place. A helmet that offers good value for money and fits most kids. Smash is suited for alpine skiing and free riding.

Smash is a hard-shell helmet. An outer shell made from ABS plastic and an inside made from EPS that offers good protection in case of a collision, and is suitable for cold weather.

Smash is comfortably built and has adjustable air flow with ventilation holes at the front and back of the helmet.

Smash has an outer shell made from durable ABS plastic. The EPS inside offers a very high level of safety.

Smash is available in size XS (48-52 cm).

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Orders & support: +40727.090.990
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